How STORAGE HOOKUPS works for you:

As you both continue your Financial Transactions through us, for your safekeeping we record & send copies to both of you at your request or at the financial year's end.

Through both of you setting up your Payment Plan, & immediately upon the first payment going through, you both are then in a Contractual Agreement with each other, of which the stipulations for the agreement were mentioned in either parties ad.

If, at any time the two of you change your agreement, email us the particulars to

This for your peace of mind, knowing that if any issues arise in the future, we, acting as an impartial third party having all the Records will supply them immediately, at any time & free of charge.

Become a Sub Contractor:

If you find storage space, perhaps a friend's backyard or you just happen to come across one, on an ongoing basis you'll receive 50% of the storage fees of the 15% we charge the Storage Space Provider for our service. So providing the Property Owners don't move their property elsewhere & you've got 40 items at $20.00 each (if that's the agreed upon storage fee) that's $800.00.

The owner of the warehouse receives 85% of $800.00=$680.00 & STORAGE HOOKUPS receives 15% of the $800.00=$120.00, & you receive on an ongoing basis into your nominated Bank Account 50% of $120.00=$60.00.

Check this out: The current Market price for storage for a 40-foot boat is around $6000.00 per year. Imagine finding 50 places (perhaps 1 warehouse) to store 40-foot boats at maybe $4000.00 each per year; in you offering 1/3 less than the current market price, means folks would rather store their property with you. Do the math. That's $200 000.00 per year. $170 000.00 for the Storage Provider. $15 000.00 for STORAGE HOOKUPS, and $15 000 for you.

You're now in business for yourself!

To begin, obtain an ABN number from the ATO or your Accountant, an email us at

Other business opportunities for your consideration, operating under the same or very similar templates will be offered on an ongoing basis; just see what suits you and away you go.

Quick, easy, streamlined & smooth!


Placing money in your hands through a very unique business model

If you have a storage space like a backyard, spare room, Garage, Sea Container, unused building, or space in your warehouse, I'll place your advertisement here for free so Property Owners can see your space. Insurance is the Property Owners responsibility.

If your a Property Owner looking for a Storage Space Provider, I can also place your ad here letting them know what your seeking.

Either party can go to the relavent page to begin your search.

Through our Accounting system, one-off or regular payments are processed & can be altered or stopped at any time.